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Theological Resources

Please feel free to download and use the notes of lectures and talks given at Institute seminars by various teachers.

Child Safety in the Church - session 1 - Phil Morrison Nov 2018 (Eng)

Child Safety in the Church session 2 - Phil Morrison Nov 2018 (Eng)

Child Safety in the Church Session 1 PowerPoint

Child Safety in the Church Session 2 PowerPoint

 Five Disfuctions of a Team - Phil Morrison Nov 2018 (Eng)

Five Disfunctions of a Team PowerPoint

Law of Children booklet (Eng)

Training in Spiritual Formation - Phil Morrison Nov 2018 (Eng)

Spiritual Formation PowerPoint

 Spiritual reading in Spiritual Formation Instructions - Phil Morrison Nov 2018 (Eng)

1 Peter - Steve Lancaster 2018 (Swahili)

Nioneshe Kiongozi Mwadilifu - Steve Lancaster 2017 (Swahili)

The Need for Leadership with Integrity in Society & the Church - Bishop Salalah Nov 2017 (Swahili)

Elijah - Canon Stuart Bell Nov 2016 (English)

The Biblical Foundation of Mission - Bishop Salalah Nov 2016 (Swahili)

The Call and Character of a Leader - Bishop Salalah Nov 2015 (Swahili)

Cultural Evaluation Tool - Phil Morrison Nov 2015 (Swahili)

Mchakato wa mvuto wa kusudi - Phil Morrison Nov 2015 (Swahili)

Questions for small groups - Phil Morrison Nov 2015 (Swahili)

Roho Mtakatifu - Steve Lancaster 2015 (Swahili)

Nehemiah - Dr Tony Sargent Nov 2014 (English)

Nehemiah - Dr Tony Sargent Nov 2014 (Swahili)

Summary of IBM Seminar Nov 2014 (Swahili)

Notes from IBM Pwani Seminar Oct 2014 (Swahili)

Jonah and Missiology - Dr Tony Sargent Nov 2013 (English)

The Church is a True Foundation - Bishop Salalah Nov 2012 (Swahili)

The Relationship Between Doctrine and Evangelism - Dr Cliff Boone Nov 2012 (Swahili)

Barnabas - Steve Lancaster November 2010 (English)

Nehemiah- Bishop Salalah Nov 2010 (Swahili)

The Concept of Worldview - Dr Wayne Raychard Nov 2010 (English)

Leadership - Dr Mbennah Nov 2009 (Swahili)

The Great Call of God - Bishop Salalah Nov 2009 (Swahili)

Spiritual Warfare - Bishop Salalah Sept 2008 (Swahili)

Management of Stress - Dr Mutiso Sept 2008 (English)

The Trinity - Dr Mutiso Sept 2008 (Swahili)

Spiritual Gifts of the Trinity - Dr Mutiso Sept 2008 (English)

Kiuchumi - Prof Mgasa Nov 2007 (Swahili)

Ukuaji AICT Pwani - Nov 2005 (Swahili)

Uwezeshaji - Mrs Ruth Shija Dec 2005 (Swahili)

Leadership Challenge Workshop (Swahili)

Uongozi wa Mwaka Pili - Kozi ya Kanda

Africa's Battle for Biblical Christianity - Byang Kato