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The vision for the Institute of Bible & Ministry was first conceived in the mid-1990s. A committee comprising Tanzanian church leaders and AIM missionaries was established and assigned the task of planning and preparing courses and teachers.

The Institute’s first course was held in April 1999 at AICT Magomeni, Dar es Salaam. Bishop Charles Salalah taught from the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, Rev. Cliff Boone taught about the Holy Spirit, Mr & Mrs D. Mashiku from Nassa Bible College taught about marriage and unity, and Mr R. Cousin of Canada taught about how we read and translate the Holy Scriptures.

The minutes of a meeting held in July 2001 state that a new committee would be established. Alan Forsyth was Chairman, Ms Matinya was Secretary and members were Tony Swanson, Pastor D. Samuel, S. Ezekiel, B. Malosha, Evg. Malelo, Mrs. L. Nhigula and Mrs. Kisandu. At this meeting it was confirmed that 'the work of the committee is to plan the theological education of God's servants in order that they can do God's work effectively.'

The next seminar was held in October 2001. Seventeen pastors met in Dar es Salaam and received teaching on the life of Joseph, the theology and history of mission, and pastoral studies from Ephesians.

In October 2002 the first seminar was held for evangelists.

In October 2004 Rev Tony Swanson was asked by the Diocese to become the Co-ordinator of the Institute.

In October 2007 the Institute purchased eight acres near Sanga Sanga village, Morogoro with a view to developing a centre for the Institute. This was later increased and the site now comprises a total of 13 acres.

The plans were to develop the site in six stages.

Phase 1: construction of access roads, fences, a multi-purpose ‘pumphouse’ building and digging of a 70m borehole.
Phase 2: construction of Retreat House and campsite.
Phase 3: construction of conference centre with offices, library facilities, gift shop and parking.
Phase 4: construction of accommodation block 1.
Phase 5: construction of accommodation block 2.
Phase 6: landscaping and cultivation of demonstration farm.

Construction of the Retreat House commenced in July 2013 under the supervision of AIM missionary Matt Dixon. It was completed in 28 weeks and officially opened by Rev Dr Tony Sargent in June 2014.

Construction of the conference centre began in June 2015. The foundation stone was laid by Bishop Charles Salalah on 15/11/2016.

Since 2005 the Institute has run seminars each year in the various AICT Churches in Moshi, Mbeya, Arusha, Babati, Dar es Salaam, Magambua , Morogoro, Ifakara, Iringa, and Lindi.