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Self-sustainability is our goal at Sanga Sanga.  While we will still need financial help from the AICT and overseas supporters for capital development projects, we are working towards making Sanga Sanga Retreat Centre pay for itself.  This is why one phase of our development is the establishment of a small farm. 

We are some way towards achieving this goal  - our agricultural plots are already producing vegetables for our kitchen.  This year we bought chickens and they are laying up to 20 trays of eggs per week, some of which go towards our own needs and the surplus is sold in town.  We already have a cow barn which is ready to receive occupants at some point and we look forward to selling the milk they produce.  We have a number of bee hives that are producing wonderful honey.

As well as the agricultural side, we run a selection of vocational courses directed at the local population.  For example, charcoal-making using our own self-built charcoal machine which negates the need to cut down trees.  We run courses on cookery, computing, English and small business development.  The fees we receive from these courses are ploughed back into the ministry of Sanga Sanga.

Pray for our efforts in working towards self-sustainability, that all our activities will be to the glory of God.